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Our investment committee, chaired by Ben Yearsley, meets formally on a quarterly basis to review our existing fund portfolios and consider adding alternative funds. The funds selected are all managed by individuals or teams with excellent records, who have exhibited the ability to generate long term outperformance. The long-term track record of a fund (manager) is worth analysing, but it only tells you so much. It is important to gain a full understanding of how it is managed, why it has performed the way it has and what conditions it will likely perform best in going forward.

By meeting with fund managers on a regular basis over a long period of time we gain an insight into their particular fund management style, and the types of environment they can be expected to fare well or poorly in on a relative basis. In this way we can gauge how good they are at picking stocks, aiming to sift out the skilled fund managers from the ones that have simply been lucky.

We also look at how different a fund is to its benchmark index – if it isn’t that different it is unlikely to outperform by a significant margin.

While experience counts for a lot in fund management, we are also keen to investigate up-and-coming managers – the potential stars of the future – who may have the advantage of being out of the spotlight or having a smaller, more nimble fund, which can better capitalise on new their stock ideas. By tracking these managers at an early stage of their careers we hope to identify future winners.

No fund or manager is sacrosanct. We will often make changes if a major event occurs such as a fund manager leaving.

Our investment committee will research and select a number of funds from which our advisers will construct a portfolio. This will be based on attitude to risk, capacity for loss and your ancillary objectives. All the funds under consideration have been rated by Rayner Spencer Mills and we also specialise in the construction of ethical portfolios (on the same stringent basis) for clients with a socially responsible requirement.

The funds in our panel are reviewed quarterly, and we will engage with you for your permission if we wish to switch any of your existing funds to different ones which we may deem more suitable as circumstances change.

Any investment solution will carry some form of risk, and the value of investments can go down as well as up and can’t be guaranteed. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. We will review your investments formally with you at least annually.