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Our Office Team

“During the time that I have worked in Financial Services thus far, my passion for this industry has grown immensely. I am a highly motivated individual and thrive at the opportunity to further develop my knowledge and skills. I am currently undertaking my CII exams in order to achieve the Level 4 Diploma and become qualified as an Independent Financial Planner. My ambition is to have a successful career within Financial Services and help people realise their financial goals. In order to achieve our lifetime objectives effective planning is required and I want to ensure that, even from a young age, people understand the importance and value of such proficient advice.” Ellie Summers (Head of Paraplanning)

“Whilst growing up I never knew what I wanted to do and by luck I found myself with a burgeoning passion for the financial services industry. After gaining some valuable experience elsewhere, I am now extremely proud to be working for SFP, who offer excellent customer and personal service which I find very refreshing after coming from a larger organisation. I have just started my CII Financial Diploma exams and hope to progress my career further with the support of the company. I have lived in Plymouth all my life and in my spare time I am a keen supporter of Plymouth Albion Rugby club.” Sophie Berkley (Head of Administration)

“2019 marks my 20th year of working in the Financial Advice sector and I am delighted this marks the year I joined Shore Financial, and to be reunited with Mark, Andy and Helen who I have worked with previously and known for a number of years.  I have worked for three small local IFA companies and two larger ones over the last 20 years and very much prefer the more client focused approach of the smaller companies like Shore. My role involves assisting the advisers with report writing and research and I have experience of a wide range of products and providers.  I hold the CII Diploma in Financial Planning and an accountancy qualification from the Association of Accounting Technicians.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my two young children (1 and 4 at the time of writing), travelling, swimming, walking and going to comedy shows and concerts (although the latter have been slightly curtailed by the arrival of the children).”

Paul Sheward (Senior Paraplanner)

“My role is to conduct all the necessary research to enable our advisers to prepare lifetime cashflow plans for our clients. This is an important facet of what we offer at Shore Financial Planning as it puts our clients in a position where they can more clearly foresee a number of financial scenarios which may affect their plans and objective. I have worked and supported Mark Helmke and Andy Thatcher for many years and we enjoy working together.” Helen Bridger (Research Technician)

“After many years in hospitality management I took a career change to find a better work-life balance. I started working for a business process outsourcing company, discussing the options to help people in financial difficulty get back on track with their mortgage payments. I wasn’t in a position to give advice, but I really enjoyed reviewing their circumstances, matching solutions, and signposting them to the right places for support.

I jumped at the chance to work for Shore Financial Planning because of their reputation, their client-focused attitude, and the support they offer their staff. I’m a driven person so although the work is challenging, I love pushing myself to learn more each day and I’m looking forward to building my qualifications further. I’ve not just found the right work-life balance here at Shore Financial Planning, I’ve found a great job role, an inspiring team and an exciting career path ahead of me.”

Naomi Hall (Senior Administrator)

“Growing up, maths was never my strongest subject so the thought of being where I am today within the financial services industry makes me so proud. Having gained knowledge and insight from my previous employment at another IFA, I am so grateful for the opportunity to develop my career as a member of the Shore Financial Planning team. Our clients are always the main priority which I believe is why SFP have such a great reputation, as well as offering a superb working environment. I am currently studying for my CII exams and I can’t wait to progress further in the future. “ Jody Ivey (Administrator)

“After gaining valuable experience in accountancy, I realised that my passion was to have a career within the Financial Services Industry. I feel very honoured to be given the opportunity to embark upon my career as a member of the Shore Financial Planning team. The SFP company values make for a positive working environment and a strong relationship with our clients. The company is really keen for everyone here to feel a key part of the SFP team, whilst encouraging and supporting their staff to reach their full potential.“ Kelly McGrath (Administrator)

“I have always had a passion for maths and numbers, so I knew from an early age that I wanted a career in finance. After gaining valuable experience within the retail banking sector and accountancy, I jumped at the opportunity to work for such a well-respected financial planning operation.

Since joining SFP, I have found the team to be incredibly friendly, warm and welcoming, with everyone focused on delivering the very best customer service we can. I feel I have the perfect balance in undertaking tasks that I genuinely enjoy and being part of a team that looks after one another.

I am lucky to have such a wonderful working environment, and having not always lived in Plymouth, having an office so close to Plymouth Hoe is perfect for a lunchtime stroll.”

Sarah Pearce

“I always try to get the door when the buzzer sounds, but it is never for me. My duties are to bark loudly at delivery guys and root around everyone’s bins. Oh, and sleeping.

I love working with my colleagues here because I regard all of them as my pals and chums, and when we play games together I win a lot. I don’t add much value to the business to be honest but don’t think anyone has noticed yet.

Out of work most of my interests are the same as in work, a bit like the top dogs here really.”

Splash (Office Dogsbody)